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In Washington, the traffic fatality rate for Native Americans has increased from 3.3 times higher than for non-Native Americans to 3.9 times higher. Though traffic deaths of Native Americans are decreasing, that decrease is at a slower pace than deaths of non-Native Americans.

We work with Tribal governments and state agencies to reduce the high rate of traffic fatalities and serious injuries for Native Americans. Our work is carried out under the Centennial Accord.

Program Objectives

Increase seatbelt use and reduce impaired driving and speeding

We provide grants to Tribal law enforcement through the Northwest Association of Tribal Enforcement Officers for traffic safety education and equipment.

Support traffic safety projects for Tribal communities

We are advised by the Tribal Traffic Safety Advisory Board, which currently meets monthly. During the 2014-2015 federal fiscal year, six projects for Tribes will be funded.

Program Contact

MJ Haught – Program Manager