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Snohomish County Traffic Safety Task Force

Tracy McMillan

Target Zero Manager

Office: 425.388.7229
Fax: 425.388.7223

3000 Rockefeller Avenue
Mailstop 305
Everett, WA  98201


The Snohomish County Traffic Safety Task Force works on a variety of projects in the county and collaborates with local organizations and law enforcement to help promote safe driving and educate citizens on traffic safety issues. The Snohomish County DUI Victim Panel is coordinated by Jan Schemenauer. DUI Victim Panels are held on Tuesday evenings, 40 times per year.

Programs and Activities

  • Snohomish County DUI Victim Panel
  • DUI Victims Memorial Wall
  • DUI Task Force Annual Awards Ceremony
  • Traffic Safety Booth at the Evergreen State Fair
  • Collaboration with businesses, citizens, and law enforcement to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities
  • Traffic safety emphasis patrol coordination
  • US2 Traffic Safety Corridor