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Victim Impact Panels

A law effective July 22, 2011 asked the Washington Traffic Safety Commission to maintain a Victim Impact Panel Registry (pdf ) of qualified Victim Impact Panels (VIP).  The law also set minimum requirements for VIPs.

We provide a form for VIPs to certify that they meet the requirements and we provide a VIP registry.

  • Certify your VIP The Victim Impact Panels Certification Form allows the designated facilitator to certify that their VIP meets the minimum requirements.
  • Update your VIP Information The Victim Impact Panel Corrections or Update Form (docx ) allows the designated facilitator to update an existing VIP listing.
  • View the VIP registry The Victim Impact Panel Registry (pdf )provides a list of Victim Impact Panels who have self-certified that they meet all the minimum requirements set in RCW 10.01.230.
  • Under the law (RCW 10.01.230):
    • Courts are not required to use the WTSC registry.
    • A court may use a VIP that is not on the WTSC registry as long as the VIP meets the minimum requirements. Courts may make this determination.
    • There is no language that requires either the WTSC or the court to “certify” a VIP.  If a panel’s designated facilitator self-certifies, WTSC will place their information on the registry.  WTSC will not be responsible for certifying the panels.

Program Contact

Shelly Baldwin – Program Manager