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Law Enforcement Equipment

We assist law enforcement agencies throughout Washington by providing funding for traffic safety law enforcement equipment.

We also provide grants for equipment such as radar and rain gear that is used for enforcing school zones and keeping kids safe on their way to and from school.

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) Grants

You may apply for equipment grants through the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC). Visit the WASPC website for more information.

Law Enforcement Grants for School Zones

You can apply at any time for small grants for school zone traffic safety equipment.

NOTICE: Due to decreased School Zone Account revenues, all grant opportunities from the Account are on hold until January 2015. Please consider checking this webpage January 2015 for updated information.

Who qualifies?

Law enforcement within the state of Washington.

What’s typically funded?

Approved for funding: Radars, Lidars, Heavy weather gear for motorcycle enforcement, and Motorcycles.
NOT Approved for funding: Motor vehicles (cars), Cargo trailers, Sector equipment, Maintenance expenses and additional warranties.


The law enforcement grant application process is now open for the biennium 2013-2015. Submit your request to the Grant Manager following the guidelines in the How to Apply section.

How to apply

To apply, send a letter or email that includes:

  • A description of the equipment you wish to purchase with the estimated costs
  • An infraction log or sector report with the appropriate number of school zone NOIs for your request
  • Infractions for motorcycle purchases may be no older than 18 months from the date of your request
  • Infractions for all other equipment requests may be no older than 12 months from the date of your request
  • A brief description of how this equipment will enhance school zone safety
  • Contact name, Contact email address and phone number, Agency name, and Agency mailing address

Upon approval, you will receive your approval documents via email explaining the purchase procedure and how to apply for reimbursement.


Many people like to use our Frequency Asked Questions to find answers.

Program Contacts

For funding and general information:

For legislative and media information:

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